December 16, 2009

Here is Where I Pick My Favorite Games

I really like lists. I also like games. As the year has dwindled to a close I'm going to combine these two fiery passions into something not at all cliched, overdone, or abundant throughout the internet.

The Mystery of the Poop

My morning routine is constant and simple. I wake, brush my teeth, eat cereal, and play games. We tend to leave at 8 am. A few days ago I turned off my game and poured out my cereal milk in the sink. Suddenly, despite my routine, I was hit with the urge to "take care of business." If you're a "How I Met Your Mother Fan," you may better understand the phrase "read a magazine."

Fast forward 5 minutes.

We're in the car heading to the female's drop off point in SOMA. Out of nowhere (but clearly somewhere beneath my head), my nostrils are hit with the faint, but unmistakeable stench of poo. With every passing minute the smell wasn't going away and I began to freak out. Then, at the age of 26, the horrid thought crept into my mind:

Did I just shit my pants?