May 15, 2011

An Evening with Lazy Bear

Beth and I enjoyed what I consider to be the greatest of dining experiences this past Friday the 13th. It was one of the most "San Francisco" things I've ever done, a fantastic culinary experience, and an absolutely delightful venture outside our typical social comfort zone.

It is hard not to gaze at a beautiful church like Grace Cathedral here in San Francisco and not consider that the star of the church. But, anyone who belongs to the church will tell you that a church is not comprised of brick and mortar, but of its members and the sense of fellowship they bring. In some ways it's not even about God.

Similarly, Lazy Bear is not anchored to any physical space (not yet, at least). Its proprietor, Chef David, purchases the majority of the food from the Embarcadero Farmer's market and spends hours prepping in his living room while watching movies. The space in which we dined was a rented building of sorts in the mission with a kitchen and two long tables set for 10 people apiece. If you're wondering where I'm going with my church metaphor, here it is:

Lazy Bear is not about its location (or lack thereof), but about the passion of its chef, the delightful flavors of his food, and the fellowship of 20 unfamiliar diners at a time. In this sense, I am a part of Lazy Bear. That's a connection I haven't made with any of my other favorite restaurants.