September 25, 2010

A Deathstar in Minecraft

That's right, we've already built the top half of a death star. Rest assured there will be no exhaust ports, no fooling around with traps, and no Ewoks.

The completed top half.

Early scaffolding.

Scaffolding from a distance. Check out that shadow!

An awesome floating sphere. Now what?
A fully armed and operational battle station.

Video Tour of Bellamy

Minecraft Weekend 2: A Tour of Bellamy

We created a multiplayer server. There are approximately 8 of us playing at any given time. We've been insanely productive (probably because there are no monsters in multiplayer). Here's a quick snapshot of what we've made.

September 19, 2010

More Minecraft...

I wasn't able to stop myself...

I planted about 10 trees to liven up my recently cleared front section.
My new naval base, complete with light tower and docks for my boats. I also built light houses along the surrounding coastline.
I built a chain of light towers (seen here from side) to guide me from my naval base to home.
I started an art gallery...
You can read my original post here.

A Weekend in Minecraft

Minecraft is an independent PC game lovingly crafted by a single individual, Notch (though now his company numbers 3 as a result of his success). I spent almost every free moment playing the game and I have to say it is the PC game that brings me back to my childhood imagination more than any other.