September 25, 2010

Minecraft Weekend 2: A Tour of Bellamy

We created a multiplayer server. There are approximately 8 of us playing at any given time. We've been insanely productive (probably because there are no monsters in multiplayer). Here's a quick snapshot of what we've made.

The zoo! Here we trap animals and observe them. Through glass.

We call this Moria. It's a rich mining zone at the bowels of the world.

The Forge and Storage Basement (steps to right).

The grow house. We grow wheat here. Honest!

The base of the stairs of the grand front entrance.

The glass house that looks down upon the zoo. 

Sign welcoming cows and hopefully turning away Nazis. 

View from the top of the tower. That's the grow house on the top middle.

The inside of the grow house. Such solid irrigation and a glass dome for sunlight.

Local animals are drawn to the lava fountain. They then die and leave us leather goods.

Naval yard, complete with light house, watch tower, and docks.

Entrance to our mines. The hole leading to Moria is in the far center. 

We made a "safe" exhibit with the lava falling off the main tower. 

View of the tower (with lava stream) from the grow house. See Naval base on left.

The town's lava fountain. No town is complete without one!

A closer look at the dockyard. A finer navy I've never seen.

The new skyway leading from the tower. A Cathedral is being built in the top left.

A statue of a blocky man.

The outside of Thunderdome. 

The view of the stairs leading to the top of the tower.

View of the lava stream from a window ascending the tower. 

A terrifying look into the perfectly square and insanely deep depths of Thunderdome.

The glass encased skyway tunnel, perfect for a blocky, romantic evening.
Space Invaders!
The front of my new estate.

Front of estate, further back.

Jon's incredible pyramids: normal, floating, and inverted.

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