February 21, 2011

Farmageddon: Rules


Farmageddon is my most recent card/board game project. I didn't create it to sell, so in the hopes of more people enjoying it I am posting it here for others to create and try. Please feel free to print the rules and build the game yourself. All I ask is that if you play it, leave me a comment and tell me what you thought! If you have any questions, please post a comment.

The rules can be seen in document form here


Victory: The player with the most money at the end of the game wins! The game ends when no player is able to plant a crop or use compost.


  • There are four Crop Card types. Crop Cards require varying amounts of compost before they can be harvested. When harvested, Crop Cards pay their owner a specified amount of money.
    • Hyper Wheat: Requires 1 Compost. Pays $4 when Harvested.
    • Sluggo Corn: Requires 2 Compost. Pays $7 when Harvested.
    • Jumbo Melons: Requires 3 Compost. Pays $10 when Harvested.
    • Uber Squash: Requires 4 Compost. Pays $15 when Harvested.
  • Players create Compost by converting one Crop Card into one Compost. Crops can be converted to Compost when played. Compost is indicated by flipping the card over.
  • There are 3 Plant Spaces in which to plant crops. Players must compete over these limited spaces to plant their crops.
  • Players can use Farmer Cards to change the state of the game!
    • Thresher: Destroys target Crop. Crop owner is given 1 Compost for the Crop, as well as up to 1 additional Compost if any compost was on the Crop.
      • Ex: A Sluggo Corn Threshed with 2 Compost on it would give the owner 1 Compost for the Corn, and 1 Compost for the Compost.
    • Foul Manure: Prevents any player from using the targeted space or Crop planted on the space for 2 Turns. 
      • Owners cannot Harvest plant, Compost cannot be played, other players cannot do negative things, and plants cannot be planted on empty tiles (etc).
      • By 2 Turns, this means the card will be in effect until the next two players finish their turns. 
    • Dust Bowl: Destroys all Crops currently planted. Destroyed crops do not leave Compost behind.
    • Subsidizer: Player may purchase any Crop currently planted from its owner. Owner must be paid accordingly:
      • Wheat = $1
      • Corn = $3
      • Melons = $5
      • Squash = $7
    • Genetic Super Worms: Target Crop requires half the compost to harvest, except Wheat, which no longer requires Compost.
    • Bumper Crop: Increases the value of a harvested crop by $3.
    • Crop Rotation: Reverses order of play.
    • Farm Futures: Player may look at another player's hand and take one card.
  • 2-4 Players (Best with 4 players!)
  • All players are dealt 5 Crop Cards and 2 Farmer Cards.
  • All players are given $10
  • Place 3 planting spaces in middle of play space
  • Oldest player goes first
Players take turns clockwise (initially). Players may do the following things in any order on their turn, with the exception of Drawing 2 Crop Cards (always beginning), and purchasing Farmer Cards and Discard (always end).

  • Beginning of Turn: Draw 2 Crop Cards
  • Use Crop Cards
    • Players may plant as many crops as they have in their hand and as far as planting spaces are available.
    • Players may convert Crops into Compost throughout their turn.
    • Players must spend at least one Compost before their end of their turn (if able). This means if a player has a Crop card and has not yet used a Compost, they must plant the Crop card, trade it, or sell it. If they cannot plant the Crop, sell, or trade it, they must convert it to compost and play it on a plant, even if it isn't one they own.
  • Play Farmer Cards
  • Harvest any Crops
    • Players can Harvest any ready crops that have the required amount of Compost. 
    • Players cannot harvest a Crop on the turn it is planted. 
    • Players can only Harvest their own Crops.
  • Trade
    • Players can Trade with other players.
    • Players may trade to get rid of excess cards.
    • Players may sell crops being grown, or offer to buy plants being grown.
      • Ownership transfers immediately with all current compost included.
  • End of Turn: Purchase Farmer Cards. Players may spend $1 to the Bank to draw a Farmer Card. Players may buy as many Farmer Cards as they want as long as they do not have in excess of 7 Cards in their hand. 
    • Players cannot play a Farmer Card on the turn in which it is drawn.
  • End of Turn: Discard. Players cannot end the turn with more than 7 Cards in their hand. Players may only discard if they have more than 7 Cards.

    Card Distribution
    Below are the numbers of cards needed to build the game.
    Farmer Cards: 40 Total
    • Thresher: 6
    • Foul Manure: 5
    • Dust Bowl: 3
    • Subsidizer: 7
    • Genetic Super Worm: 5
    • Bumper Crop: 5
    • Crop Rotation: 3
    • Farm Futures: 6
    Crop Cards: 60 Total
    • Hyper Wheat: 20
    • Sluggo Corn: 18
    • Jumbo Melons: 12
    • Uber Squash: 10
    I want to thank my AWESOME playtesters! Thank you Mike P., Michael B., Andrew deB., Doug B., Chris G.
    Copyright Grant Rodiek 2011

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