December 12, 2011

Holiday Family Game Recommendations: Crowd Sourced Edition

This morning I asked my twitter feed to provide recommendations for games to play with the family. I had so many great responses I decided to share them here, as well as my own at the bottom. Games that received multiple recommendations were highlighted a bit. All have links to their Board Game Geek entries.

I've actually played the majority of the games on this list and I think it's an excellent list. What do you think?

Say Anything (multiple recommendations)

Flash Point

King of Tokyo (multiple recommendations)

7 Wonders (multiple recommendations)

For Sale

Incan Gold (multiple recommendations)


Wits and Wagers (multiple recommendations)

Can't Stop

Ticket to Ride (multiple recommendations)

Box of Things
Nobody But us Chickens
City Square Off
Forbidden Island
Archaeology: The Card Game
Farmageddon (somebody else said it, not me!)

My personal recommendations were...
Drop Site
Dragonheart (super nerdy theme but the game is perfect)
Forbidden Island

I focused on games I actually own for my personal recommendations. I tried to pick the ones I have that are super light or quick to play.

Any others? What did we miss?

1 comment:

Trent said...

Absolutely a great list!
We'll second it!