April 16, 2011

Wurmin' Around

A friend and I downloaded Wurm Online and took a spin in its free server. Overall not a very fun game. It's very ugly visually and has probably the most unintuitive interface in history. It feels like layers and layers were added to deliberately make the game difficult and not fun.

After about 2 hours we were done for good. We were hoping to find an empty spot in the world, chop some trees, and begin making something. Unfortunately, the world seems incredibly settled, yet every settlement was empty. There were no wild animals to challenge us. Just mountains and water everywhere to impede movement.

The highlight of the game was when we stole a canoe called the "tarantula."

There's a quick scrapbook of our journey after the jump.

The world entrance is littered with carts, boxes of tools, keys (???) that you cannot take (server doesn't allow theft). It looks like a caravan was attacked, the bodies removed, and nothing stolen. 
Fantastic character models. Also, when holding a sword, it looks like a penile erection.
I must say that the fact that players can build, own, and sail boats is pretty fantastic and aspirational. Such a fantastic fantasy game, open world element. I was jealous of this ship.  
Came across a settlement, complete with a loom. Pretty neat.
Us inside a house, looking for loot.
More ships.
Close up of Ray to show off amazing character modeling. We're in a canoe we stole, which is the highlight of the experience. Note that we tried to steal a better ship but couldn't for whatever reason.
Water plus mountain range plus morning skybox aren't bad. Plus I learned to hide UI for screenshots.
Another shot of us from the middle of the lake/river/ocean thing. Our canoe was slow. Oh so slow.
One more shot.
Okay just this one more.
We found this cave where someone setup a statue of Satan surrounded by little boys. Fairly awesome and terrifying at the same time. We also found a few piles of rock, which we could take, so like the thieves we were we totally took those stones.
Satan and his boys.
We hike it inland. These gigantic trees are apparently olive trees?
Pretty heavily wooded forest. Just when we think we are about to find unsettled land...
We find a unicorn farm?
Complete with "Aged Fat Unicorn"
I have a thing for ships.
The pit (see below)
We decided to call it quits when we fell into a bit that some player created. One one side was a gate that was locked, so we couldn't exit. On the other side (shown in photo) was a wall so tall and steep that we lacked the stamina to get out. Truly, a win/win.

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